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The Story Behind Daft Punk Helmets
The Story Behind Daft Punk Helmets
Even if you're not into electronic music, you certainly can recognize them. Their visual identity is as astonishing as their beats. Let's dive into the creative process and story behind the helmets that became one of the most iconic artist branding and identity and in music history.

Beyond Neuromancer: The Essential Cyberpunk Bibliography of William Gibson
Beyond Neuromancer: The Essential William Gibson Bibliography
Pioneer of the cyberpunk genre and father of the term “cyberspace”, William Gibson is a renowned American-Canadian writer, whose works - including Neuromancer - have significantly influenced the science fiction genre, academia, modern culture, fashion, and technology.

Zhijun Wang: The Artist Crafting Sneaker Masks with a Message
The Artist Behind Sneaker Masks with a Message
Known for his collaborations with brands ranging from Nike to Louis Vuitton, Zhijun Wang's creativity has led to the creation of a series of remarkable works that have garnered international attention. The most famous ones being his unique masks made of sneakers.

The Best Cyberpunk Katanas
The Best Cyberpunk Katanas in 2024
From Ghostrunner to Cyberpunk 2077, we selected and compared the best cyberpunk katana high-quality replicas made by the top prop makers and studios. If you already own a virtual one in the game, now you can have an actual full-sized replica in real life.

Best Cyberpunk Masks and Helmets
The Best Cyberpunk Masks and Helmets in 2024
What makes a good cyberpunk helmet or mask? In this post we select and compare the best makers and brands of cyberpunk headgear, including handcrafted masks and helmets. Find out what makes a good and comfortable cyberpunk mask and other useful information when buying one.

The Best Display Cases for Shoes and Toys
The Best Display Cases for Shoes and Toys
In this post we compare the best display and storage cases for sneakers, toys, and everything else that goes in between. We're talking about the big dogs: LG Styler ShoeCase, MAYiBOX, AntBox, EXPO Pro, GOTO A2, APEXTIME Chaos Ultra Display Box, AlienLight, and Alien Demon. If you're a sneakerhead or toy collector, this post is for you.

Cyberpunk 2077: A Game that Defined [and Redefined] a Genre
Cyberpunk 2077: A Game that Defined [and Redefined] a Genre
From high-end figure toys to Japanese-made Nextflix series, Cyberpunk 2077 has redefined markets ranging from fashion to gaming. The new Phantom Liberty and version 2.0 combined in a physical edition for PS5 and Xbox consolidate the relevance and importance of Cyberpunk 2077 in today's society, especially within lovers of sci-fi and futuristic visions.

Hiroto Ikeuchi & Cyberpunk Culture
Hiroto Ikeuchi: The Artist Behind the Cyberpunk Masks
Know more about the Japanese artist who creates wearable sculptures that combine plastic models, industrial parts, and technological gadgets. His works have a distinctive cyberpunk aesthetic, reflecting a dystopian vision of the future where humans are enhanced and oppressed by technology.

William Gibson: The Father of Cyberpunk
The Father of Cyberpunk
William Gibson is widely regarded as one of the most influential and visionary writers of science fiction in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. His novels and short stories have shaped the cyberpunk genre, a subgenre of science fiction that depicts a dystopian future where advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and global corporations coexist with social decay, cybercrime, and marginalised subcultures.

Techwear x Cyberpunk x Darkwear Difference
The Difference Between Techwear, Cyberpunk and Darkwear
Despite a few similarities, there are philosophical differences between the aesthetics of techwear, cyberpunk and darkwear movements, which include their representation through fashion and other forms.

Wearables, NTFs and The Future of Fashion
Wearables, NTFs and The Future of Fashion
How digital art and Web3 fashion are increasingly converging in the cultural landscape, making wearables and NFT digital art some of the hottest topics right now.