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A Brief History

The history of the katana can be traced back to the Heian period (794-1185), when the Japanese adopted the Chinese method of sword-making, which involved folding and hammering steel to create a strong and sharp blade.

Briefly speaking, a katana is a type of Japanese sword that has a curved, single-edged blade and a long grip that can accommodate two hands. It is one of the most iconic weapons of the samurai, the feudal warriors of Japan who followed a strict code of honor and loyalty. The katana is also a symbol of Japanese culture and history, and has been featured in many works of art, literature, and media.

Japanse Katana
19th century woodblock print of a samurai They quickly became the preferred weapon of the samurai during the Kamakura period (1185-1333), when Japan was ruled by military shoguns and faced constant warfare. Not only a tool of war, but also a badge of status and identity for the samurai, who often named and decorated their swords with great care.

The katana was also influenced by the Zen Buddhism that was widely practiced by the samurai, who sought to achieve a state of mind that was calm, focused, and intuitive. The katana was seen as an extension of the samurai’s body and spirit, and was used with skill and grace. The katana was also associated with the concept of bushido, the way of the warrior, which emphasized virtues such as courage, loyalty, honor, and self-discipline.

The katana was also popularized in the post-war period, when Japan experienced a cultural renaissance and exported its art and entertainment to the world. Today, the katana became a staple of manga, anime, movies, and video games, and inspired many fans and collectors around the world.

The katana is still a revered and respected weapon today, and is considered a national treasure of Japan, becoming a subject of study and practice for many martial artists, who learn the techniques and traditions of the ancient samurai. Katanas are a source of fascination and admiration for many people, who appreciate its beauty, history, and culture.

Power On!

Fast-forward to 2023, cyberpunk aesthetics becomes mainstream after gradual and slow popularization by novels like Neuromancer, films like Blade Runner and music artists like Daft Punk. With the popularization of cyberpunk-themed films and games come big productions like Cyberpunk 2077, Ghost in the Shell and Ghostrunner.

Cyberpunk katanas are a type of melee weapon that can be used in the futuristic worlds of games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Ghostrunner. They are inspired by the traditional Japanese swords that were wielded by the samurai, but they have been modified and enhanced with various technologies and materials to suit the needs and preferences of the cyberpunk era. Cyberpunk katanas are not only effective weapons, but also symbols of style and identity for many characters and factions in the game.

Ghostrunner Cyberpunk Katana
Ghostrunner Game Theme - Credits: One More Level, Slipgate Ironworks, 505 Games and 3D Realms©

There are several types of cyberpunk katanas that can be found and even purchased in these games, each with its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. Cyberpunk katanas are among the most popular weapons in games like Ghostrunner and Cyberpunk 2077, as they offer a fast and furious combat style that can be enhanced with various perks and abilities.

Cyberpunk katanas are also a way to express one’s personality and taste in the game, as they come in different shapes, colors, and effects. Cyberpunk katanas are a must-have for any fan of the cyberpunk genre and the Japanese culture.

Given the huge popularity of these virtual assets, prop markers and specialized studios started to create real-life and fully sized replicas of the katanas previously found only in virtual medium.

From Ghostrunner to Cyberpunk 2077, we selected and compared the best cyberpunk katana high-quality replicas made by the best manufacturers, prop makers and craft studios. If you already own a virtual asset in the games, now you can have an actual full-sized replica of it in real life.

Let's check them out!

1. Izanami Unchained Katana

GhostRunner Izanami Katana replica The Izanami Unchained Katana is a secret sword in Ghostrunner, and a special variant of the Izanami Katana, which is the default sword of the game's protagonist, the Ghostrunner. It has a unique design and color scheme that resembles a cyberpunk aesthetic.

Izanami Katana It can be found in a hidden location in the 14th level of the game. The katana is located in a furnace in an abandoned power plant, but requires a high level of Technical Ability to access it.

The player has to scan a QR code that leads to a website with a number, which is the code to unlock the furnace. Alternatively, the katana can be bought from a black market vendor named Herold in the Phantom Liberty DLC, but only if the player has the DLC installed.

This replica features beautiful details along the handle that mimic the original katana shown in the game. A combination of yellow and black tones, together with plastic cables and printed symbols, give it a futuristic and unique look.

The internal battery can be charged via USB-C cable, which offers up to 3 hours of continuous use when fully charged.

Replica Specs:

LED Blade Options Total Length Weight Light Effects Sound Effects Sensors
Yellow Color (Fixed) 110cm 500g No No No

2. Modified Carbon Yama

GhostRunner Modified Carbon Yama Katana replica The Modified Carbon Yama is a powerful cybernetic weapon used by Ghostrunner. The Yama is a modified version of the Carbon, a standard-issue katana that can cut through almost anything.

GhostRunner Modified Carbon Yama Katana The Yama has a longer blade and a sleeker design, and it can also emit a shockwave that stuns enemies and deflects projectiles. It is a rare and valuable weapon that can only be obtained by completing a secret challenge in the game.

The Modified Carbon Yama was originally owned by the "Architect", the mysterious creator of the Dharma Tower. The Architect entrusted the Yama to the Ghostrunner, who was his protege and the only one who could stop the tyrannical Keymaster, who seized control of the tower. The Yama represents the Ghostrunner’s loyalty to the Architect’s vision and his determination to restore order and justice to the tower.

Probably one of the most beautiful and detailed replicas ever made, this futuristic katana features several luminous details in bright blue color, giving it a unique and very interesting look. The blade lights up in bright blue color, and can be charged via USB-C cable.

Replica Specs:

LED Blade Options Total Length Weight Light Effects Sound Effects Sensors
Blue Color (Fixed) 110cm 1.5kg No No No

3. Cyberpunk Thermal Katana

Cyberpunk Thermal Katana replica The cyberpunk thermal katana is one of the most popular weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. It can emit intense heat, allowing it to slice and burn enemies with ease. This katana is a rare and expensive weapon that can be found or bought from various sources in the game.

Cyberpunk Thermal Katana The cyberpunk thermal katana has several advantages over other melee weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. First, it has a high damage output and a fast attack speed, making it ideal for close-range combat.

Second, it has a thermal effect that can ignite enemies and deal additional damage over time. Third, it has a stylish and sleek design that fits the cyberpunk aesthetic of the game.

Weighing only 305g, this replica is probably the most lightweight katana prop you can find. It's well crafted and comfortable to handle due to its soft EVA inner layer along the handle.

Despite being incredibly light, this katana is also considerably long and features a strong led-powered blade in either orange or blue color. It can be charged using the built-in USB-C port.

Replica Specs:

LED Blade Options Total Length Weight Light Effects Sound Effects Sensors
Orange or Blue Color (Fixed) 114cm 305g No No No

4. Izanami Katana

GhostRunner Izanami Katana replica Also featured in the Ghostrunner game, the Izanami katana has a rainbow glow that changes color depending on the angle of the light. It creates a powerful shockwave that can knock back foes and destroy projectiles.

Izanami Katana The Izanami katana is a hidden weapon that can only be found by exploring a secret area in the 15th level of the game, called "Things you wouldn’t believe".

The Izanami katana is not just a weapon, but also a tribute to the Japanese mythology and culture that inspired the game. The name "Izanami" comes from the goddess of creation and death in the Shinto religion, who gave birth to the islands of Japan and many other deities.

The Izanami represents the Ghostrunner’s dual nature as a creator and a destroyer, as well as his connection to the Cybervoid, a mysterious dimension that grants him extraordinary abilities. It is also a nod to the cyberpunk genre, which often features futuristic technology and neon aesthetics.

Among all models, this futuristic katana is one of the few that packs an advanced blade powered by dynamic (animated) RGB lights that can be configured to different colors and effects activated by movement. It also has motion sensors that detect gestures and movements and activates sound effects that are synchronized with the light animations.

Replica Specs:

LED Blade Options Total Length Weight Light Effects Sound Effects Sensors
RGB (Animated) 105cm 500g Yes Yes Yes

5. Sirius Blade Katana

Cyberpunk Katana Sirius replica The Sirius Blade is a special katana that can be used by Lucia, the main protagonist of Punishing: Gray Raven game. The Sirius Blade is a reward for players who recharge a certain amount of money in the game. It has a high attack power and a unique ability that allows Lucia to summon a copy of her sword that attacks enemies independently.

Sirius Blade Katana The Sirius Blade also has a stunning appearance, with a silver blade and a rainbow glow that changes color depending on the light.

The Sirius Blade is not only a powerful weapon, but also a symbol of Lucia’s character and story. Lucia is a cyborg soldier who fights against the corrupted machines that have taken over the world.

She is also a survivor of a deadly virus that infected most of humanity and turned them into mindless puppets. The Sirius Blade represents Lucia’s resilience and determination to overcome the challenges she faces and to restore hope to the world.

The Sirius Blade replica perfectly fuses classical and modern aesthetics. It has elements of medieval era design, but it also incorporates modern and futuristic shapes that makes it closer to a cyberpunk katana.

Its light blade is available in either red or yellow color, which is powered by an internal battery that can be recharged via USB-C.

Replica Specs:

LED Blade Options Total Length Weight Light Effects Sound Effects Sensors
Yellow or Red Color (Fixed) 108cm 560g No No No

6. RGX 11Z Pro Blade

Cyberpunk Katana Sirius replica The RGX 11Z Pro Blade is a futuristic katana that can be used by Yoru, one of the playable agents in Valorant. This futuristic blade is a part of the Reaver skin collection, which can be purchased with in-game currency. The RGX 11Z Pro Blade has a sleek and elegant design, with a black and purple color scheme and a glowing edge that can change color depending on the player’s preference. It can also emit a sound effect that resembles a lightsaber when swung.

Sirius Blade Katana The RGX 11Z Pro Blade is not just a cosmetic item, but also a weapon that can be used in certain situations. Yoru can use the RGX 11Z Pro Blade to perform a melee attack, which can deal more damage than a regular knife.

Yoru can also use the RGX 11Z Pro Blade to activate his ultimate ability, called Dimensional Drift, which allows him to enter a parallel dimension and travel stealthily for a short duration. The RGX 11Z Pro Blade represents Yoru’s stealthy and deceptive playstyle, as well as his connection to the Radianite energy, a mysterious substance that grants him and other agents their abilities.

The RGX 11Z Pro Blade replica features an exquisite design that looks like nothing else ever made.

The gray and black tones with green accents add up to the elegant aesthetics and unique look that makes this sword stand out from all others.

Replica Specs:

LED Blade Options Total Length Weight Light Effects Sound Effects Sensors
Yellow or Red Color (Fixed) 80cm 385g No No No

Full Comparison

For a better understanding and quicker view of each features and specs, let's compare all the cyberpunk katana replica models above side by side:
1. Izanami Unchained 2. Modified Carbon Yama 3. Thermal Katana 4. Izanami 5. Sirius Blade 6. RGX 11Z Pro
Orange or Blue
🟠 🔵
RGB Animated
Yellow or Red
🟡 🔴
110cm 110cm 114cm 105cm 108cm 80cm
500g 1.5kg 305g 500g 560g 385g
No Light Animation No Light Animation No Light Animation Animations (YES) No Light Animation No Light Animation
No Sound Effects No Sound Effects No Sound Effects Sounds Effects (YES) No Sound Effects No Sound Effects
No Motion Sensors No Motion Sensors No Motion Sensors Motion Sensors (YES) No Motion Sensors No Motion Sensors

Now that you've met some of the best and most beautifully replicas, visit our store to see the complete collection of cyberpunk katanas, led lightsabers and futuristic sword props we carry.

Happy Playing!

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