Best Cyberpunk Masks and Helmets [Comparison and Review]

What makes a good cyberpunk mask in 2024? In this post we select and compare the best manufacturers, makers and brands of cyberpunk headgear including Fockshop, Tokyo-Robotics, CTCTYO, Machine56, Bad Boy Studios and Morstorm. We will help you find out what makes a good and comfortable cyberpunk mask and other useful information you should know when buying one.

Fockshop CTCTYO Tokyo-Robotics Bad Boy Studios Morstorm
A Cyberpunk Mask is a fashion accessory that reflects the cyberpunk aesthetic and philosophy. They come in many shapes and sizes including half masks, full helmets, and respirators that cover only the mouth. Cyberpunk masks also can have various functions, such as colorful LED lights and even wireless LCD displays that you can control with your phone.

Cyberpunk masks are not only for cosplayers or fans of the genre, but also for anyone who wants to experiment with their appearance, identity, or creativity, and that includes DJs, dancers, gamers, twitch streamers, social media influencers, and even cyberpunk security agents in Japan!

You can find a wide range of cyberpunk masks online, from handmade to mass-produced, from cheap to expensive, from simple to very detailed. You can also customize your own cyberpunk mask with DIY accessories, such as LEDs, horns, flaps and stickers.

But, after all, what makes a good cyberpunk mask? Well, depending on who you ask, it will depend on different factors that can be very abstract and personal.

After talking to customers and gathering hundreds of quality feedback on a large variety of products available on the market, we were able to carefully organize and list out, in a comprehensive manner, the key factors that make a good quality cyberpunk mask or helmet according to users' expectations and actual customers' feedback.

Without further ado, let's dive in!

1. Aesthetics

Without a doubt, the design element is the key factor that makes someone want to have a specific cyberpunk helmet or mask. How beautiful or interesting something is (in the eyes of the owner and those who will see it through social media or videos) is definitely the most important factor that makes someone want a cyberpunk mask. Would you buy something that you consider ugly or uninteresting?

2. Comfort

Some people don't mind sacrificing comfort for aesthetics, but obviously, there's a tolerance limit for discomfort when wearing an accessory on the head, even if for a short period of time. Since cyberpunk masks are often used for a short time, the comfort factor isn't as critical as it is for motorcycling gear for example, but it's common to see musicians (Daft Punk, Buckethead, Wes Borland) and streamers wearing masks for longer periods, when comfort can be a thing.

3. Quality

Third on the list comes quality and how well a mask is made in terms of [both] build quality and materials. Well-known brands offer good quality products assembled in a professional manner using good standards and practices. It's common to hear about negative experiences from folks who purchase knock offs from unknown "makers" on AliExpress or Etsy. The vast majority of cheaply-made replicas are made by underpaid folks working in sweatshops without minimum hygiene standards. You end up getting what you pay for:

Authentic Cyberpunk Mask Cheap Knock Off Cyberpunk Mask

4. Durability

Lastly comes how durable a mask is. Since this type of product isn't used on a daily basis (in most cases) the durability factor is lower on the list as chances of damaging or breaking a cyberpunk mask are low, especially if compared to other types of headwear such as biking and airsoft protective gear. Nonetheless, an incredibly beautiful and interesting mask that will need to be repaired after a couple of weeks isn't the best definition of a good product.


Now that we've listed the top factors - defined by actual users and customers - that are mostly common in the best cyberpunk masks and helmets available, let's meet some of the top brands and makers creating some of the very best products you'll see in 2024.


Cyberpunk Mask 2024 The world's first and oldest maker of cyberpunk masks produced in a considerable scale. Launched back in 2012, Fockshop is a creative & design collective based in Chengdu, China. In their own words: "Fockshop = F#ck+Rock. It is an online collective of digital designers with unique styles, techniques, and desire to create amazing projects. Fockshop is our way to forget about groove and everyday commercial work".

The brand's first mask was the Kedlar Mask, still in production and sold today. Fockshop is well known and recognised for fusing asian and futuristic aesthetics into their creations, and smartly utilizing off the shelf parts in their original designs, which are high quality and very well crafted.


CTCTYO Cyberpunk Mask Know for its futuristic and well crafted product line ranging from bikinis and wristbands to helmets and caps, CTCTYO is a leading Japanese label specialized in creating and crafting some of the most interesting cyberpunk masks and accessories.

Their products are highly recognizable for its smart use of plastic zip ties, 3D printed parts, and heat-bending acrylic resin sheets. Some of its top products are difficult to get as they quickly get sold out as soon as they're released.


Tokyo Robotics Cyberpunk Mask Tokyo-Robotics Cyberpunk is a studio specialized in high-end cyberpunk masks and Japanese streetwear accessories. Known for its iconic V-SERIES designs (recognisable for the v-shaped horns), its original designs are made with the best parts and materials following very strict quality control and standards.

Their Custom Shop department creates some of the most beautiful and colorful cyberpunk masks available, which can be customized with automotive-grade finishes that are professionally done by a small team of talented artists.

The brand pioneered the use of LED pixel displays on some of its models, which can be controlled by mobile app and Bluetooth.

Bad Boy Studios

Cyberpunk Respirators All the way from Dongbei region in China, Bad Boy Studios make some of the most beautiful and unique cyberpunk masks and respirators commercially available today. Known for its attention to details and high build quality, Bad Boy Studios masks are often made in very limited production, which often takes a month to complete.

Besides its unique masks and futuristic respirator designs, Bad Boy Studios is also famous for its carefully-crafted LED glasses that combine cyberpunk and steampunk aesthetics in a fresh and unique way.


Cyberpunk Helmet Morstorm is one of the world's leading manufacturer of props , action figures, and toys with an extensive portfolio of officially-licensed products from franchises like Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Avengers, Evangelion, Iron Man, among others.

Coming from a RC Model Car Kits background with extensive experience in mechatronics and industrial production using plastics and mechanical parts, Morstorm creates some of the world's most advanced cyberpunk helmets, for example, the Warriors of Future helmet - made exactly as seen in the prop shown in the blockbuster movie - which features mechanical animations together with LED effects in different parts of the helmet.

Their high-end helmets are highly priced and limited in production, but a true work of art worth every penny if you can get your hands on one.


Machine56 M56 Berserker Helmet The holy grail of all cyberpunk helmets. Also known as M56, Indonesia-based studio was founded in 2002 by vector artist Rajaya Yogaswara.

Machine56 creates futuristic and sci-fi inspired clothing and accessories under the label 5060, and it has collaborated with various artists and brands, such as Linkin Park, Ghost in the Shell, Deus Ex just to name a few. Its original helmet designs are often limited edition and sell out quickly, as they are highly sought after by fans and collectors.

Its futuristic headgear doesn't include any kind of electronic feature such as illumination or mechatronics, but no other manufacturer creates such stunning and high quality helmets like M56 does. The attention to details and build quality is second to none, while the designs and futuristic aesthetics themselves are stellar.

Between all of the best brands available, M56 definitely creates the highest priced helmets, often sold around the $1,000 range, which reflects the highest build quality and spectacular designs.

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