In this post we compare the best Shoes Display Cases for sneakers, toys, and everything else that goes in between. We're talking about the big dogs: LG Styler ShoeCase, MAYiBOX/AntBox, EXPO Pro, GOTO A2, AlienLight, APEXTIME Chaos Ultra Display Box, and Alien Demon. If you're a sneakerhead or toy collector, this post is for you. Buckle up!

1. LG Styler Shoe Case Object Collection 2. MAYiBOX Automatic Shoes Case 3. Alien Demon Display Case 4. EXPO Pro RGB Display Case 5. APEXTIME Chaos Ultra Display Box 6. GOTO A2 Voice-Controlled Case
Also known as container boxes or storage cases, display boxes were originally invented to store and showcase special items like watches, toys and jewelry. Even grandma probably had one in her bedroom back in the day.

Toy Display Case
AlienLight Toy Display With the rise of the sneakerhead movement and increasing growth of astronomical prices associated with rare and special edition sneakers, collectors (or investors if you will) created a demand for a new breed of product where they could not only keep their precious belongings dust-free and protected from curious hands, but also organize and showcase their collections.

Storage display cases are important for sneakerheads and toy collectors because it allows them to organize and display their collections in a neat and attractive way. Collectors can also use storage display cases to express their personality, style, and preferences, as well as to share their passion and stories with others. Furthermore, storage display boxes can also help collectors to keep track of their inventory, avoid duplicates, and find the items they want easily.

Besides dust and curious hands, storage cases also protect sneakers or toys from, sunlight (UV), moist, and damage, keeping their appearance and mint condition as original as possible since any kind of damage or deterioration can drastically affect the value of a collectible, especially when they're purchased and kept from an investment perspective.

That being said, serious collectors and their collectibles go hand in hand with safe and professional storage and display solutions for their investment.

The first solutions that arrived on the market were simple and lacked any kind of advanced features. Often made of cheap plastic, the first storage boxes specially made for sneakers were good enough to fit in a pair of used shoes, but felt (and looked) inappropriate to store $10,000 special-edition kicks.

This scenario has drastically changed and evolved in the past ten years. In 2022, the total global sneakers market was valued at approximately 72.7 billion U.S. dollars and was forecast to reach a value of over 100 billion dollars by 2026. Global sneakers resale market was estimated at $10.6 Billion in 2022 and shall reach a revenue of $51.2 Billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 16.4% during the forecast period of 2023 to 2032. pre-loved sneakers, further increasing the mobility in the used sneaker resale market.

Such figures push the demand for secondary segments that include accessories, professional/specialized inspection and authentication services, and even custom furniture design.

And we're not even talking about the toys market size and value, which includes both mass-produced products as well as expensive items aimed at a "kidult" and more senior audience, pushed by equally powerful industries like film, entertainment, and comics.

Today, if you're a serious toy or sneaker collector with a deep pocket and insatiable consumption appetite, you'll find a good variety of sophisticated, well made and professional display and storage solutions for your collectibles.

We've selected and compared the most advanced and unique storage & display boxes for toys and sneakers that you can find today. Let's dig in:

1. LG Styler ShoeCase

On top of the list, we have the most advanced and expensive of them all: The LG Styler [Objet Collection] ShoeCase made in South Korea.

LG Styler Shoe Case Unveiled in the 2022 edition of the IFA consumer electronics and home appliances trade show, The LG ShoeCase is the ultimate storage and display solution for collectors of trainers, toys, luxury handbags, and even DSLR cameras. Made for serious collectors, the LG ShoeCase features a transparent enclosure that allows you to showcase your expensive collectibles in a futuristic fashion.

Its key feature is a 360-degree spinning turntable that you can control using LG's ThinQ mobile app ecosystem. The spinning platform allows you to see the case contents from all angles and never get bored from looking at it.

Besides the one-of-a-kind movement system, the LG Shoe Case also packs two different light sources: a top white LED that illuminates your sneakers or toy from above, and a (secondary) RGB backlight that sets the overall tone and mood of the case's interior, which you can adjust to any color you want using the app as well.

It's also one of the few options that is available in a variety of colors to better match the contents you put inside of it. The LG ShoeCase modular design also allows you to stack up to four cases on each other. The case is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled so you can remotely control its movements and lights using your smartphone from home or even from outside.

Obviously, the LG Styler Shoe Case isn't a cheap and widely accessible option. It's expensive, well made, and a potentially great option for the deep-pocketed ones or high-end shops that want to display products in a futuristic fashion.

The LG Styler ShoeCase is already available in South Korea and will be available in additional markets very soon.

• Spinning Plate • No Front Door
• Mobile App Control • Availability
• RGB Illumination • Price

2. MAYIBOX by AntBox

Second on the list comes the only storage option that can be opened and closed remotely with a wireless control, individually or in groups at once: The MAYIBOX Automatic Shoe Case made by AntBox.

Mayibox Automatic Shoes Box The MAYIBOX is the first display box that has a motorized opening system with sliding tray that you can control by wireless remote or touch (button).

You can use the remote control or a single touch to open one or multiple MAYIBOX cases at the same time. The transparent door automatically opens and the tray slides out your favorite toy or sneakers forward, making it easy to remove or store them back into the box.

Also designed with modularity and expandability in mind, each MAYIBOX can be interconnected to each other and stacked in groups, allowing you to create large rack sizes using a single power source and control them with only one remote control.

Like the LG Styler ShoeCase, the MAYIBOX also features internal LED illumination that can be controlled using the wireless remote - no wi-fi or mobile app in this case.

Its manufacturer, AntBox, is a popular designer of modular storage boxes, cabinets, and portable travel closets with solid experience designing and manufacturing storage solutions.

If quick and daily accessibility is on top of your requirements, then the MAYIBOX is probably your best choice. It allows you to reach and put back a single or a large quantity of objects like shoes, cameras, handbags or toys - quickly and easily.

Each unit is also considerably cheaper than its LG counterpart, making this option more viable for large collections, especially if the contents are not just for show, but reached on a daily basis either in a commercial environment (store) or closet.

• Motorized System • No RGB Illumination
• Remote Control • Plasticky Feel
• Price • No Wi-Fi

3. AlienDemon / AlienLight

In third position come the most insane and unique display cases for toys, action figures and statues of any size: the AlienDemon (also known as AlienLight) illluminated displays.

Alien Demon Toy Display These beasts are available in a myriad of models, shapes and sizes that range from compact tubes to enclosures tall and big enough to fit in a small person - No kidding.

If your goal is having your toys and oversized action figures displayed in the most extravagant, absurd and surreal fashion imaginable, you've found what you're looking for.

Alien Light Toy Display AlienDemon/AlienLight displays are 100% focused on aesthetics and visuals instead of accessibility per se. To begin with, these cases have no doors or openings. To remove or place something inside of them, the whole acrylic compartment must be carefully raised so you can access the base plate where the object sits. Given the variety of sizes available, this task can become a bit complicated if not difficult.

But if your plan is to open a sci-fi museum filled with humanoid bodies inside glass containers or just to leave your expensive toys for show so your friends can admire them, these cases are really for you.

The maker of AlienDemon displays is probably the only manufacturer that creates avant-garde storage solutions with an authentic vibe seen in films like Alien, Star Wars, Transformers, Star Trek, and so on.

These handcrafted art pieces feature long fluorescent lamps attached to the sides, which come in fixed colors or can be personalized and animated in real time using wireless remote control.

To make things crazier, some models come with an upper light that - together with a slowly spinning fan - create a sci-fiesque flickering effect that resembles the ambient mood and design language of dark films like Alien or Terminator. The effect created Such feature feels both dark and technological. The illuminated movement created by the slow rotating blades brings static toys and statues to life, even when they're totally still.

Alien Light Toy Display
AlienLight / AlienDemon Displays

While the AlienLight displays aren't the best option for shoes or sneakers due to their tubular shapes and vertical orientation, they're perfect for cameras, helmets, soccer balls and even bonsai trees.

They come in a variety of models that are available in small or large/tall sizes that can fit considerably big figures and objects. Prices aren't cheap either.

These cases are made to order (fully handcrafted) and customized based on the chosen size, which takes almost a month to complete when orders are placed. The prices vary according to the size, lamp types, and additional features such as the top revolving fan with internal illumination.

Without a doubt, the AlienLight/AlienDemon displays are the most unique, exquisite, and beautiful displays you can find today.

• Special Effects • Difficult to Open
• RGB Illumination • Price
• Size Variety • No Wi-Fi

4. EXPO Pro

The EXPO Pro is a high-quality exhibit display box for sneakers, collectible toys, and everything else that goes in between.

EXPO Pro Sneakers Display Wi-Fi enabled and designed for home automation, it allows you to use popular services such as Alexa, Apple Home Hey Google, IFTTT, Meijia or SmarThings to control the box using the mobile or voice commands.

Equipped with NanoLeaf™ RGB lights, each box internal illumination can be configured to more than 1600 color tones temperatures between 1600 to 6500K.

Also designed for modularity and expandability, each EXPO Pro can be interconnected and stacked, allowing you to create and expand a rack of boxes using a single power source.

Its transparent door has a high-quality N35 magnet that stays firmly in place when closed, providing a smooth and easy locking system.

If you don't need motorized features or spinning plates, and you're more interested in high-quality internal color configurations with effects across different boxes, the EXPO Pro is a good choice.

• Light Quality • No Automatic Door
• RGB Illumination • Plasticky Feel
• Wi-Fi and App Control • No Wireless Remote

5. APEXTIME Chaos Ultra Display Box

The APEXTIME Chaos Ultra is a museum-grade collection display case with advanced multi-angle lightning controlled by wireless remote.

APEXTIME Chaos Ultra Display Box Ideal for 1/6th scale action figures and collectible toys, the Chaos Ultra features an advanced multi-angle lightning controlled by wireless remote.

It is fully equipped with four lights on the front, rear, left, and right, and four adjustable color temperature LED lights with dynamic lighting effect on the top as well, which provide almost 360 degrees of museum grade high quality lighting, which can be set to different effects and moods via wireless remote control.

It comes with a museum-grade glass front panel and premium quality acrylic side panels that are magnetically attached to the frame, making it easy to open and close the box whenever needed.

The Chaos Pro is fully stackable and designed with modularity and expandability in mind.

Each box has three power sockets located in front of the bottom left groove, in front of the bottom right groove, and behind the top left groove. All sockets can be connected with power adapters and expansion cables.

Multiple APEXTIME Chaos Ultra can be connected to each other in any direction by wiring the sockets up, down, left, and right.

If high-quality razor sharp lighting is high in your list, the APEXTIME Chaos Ultra is probably the display box you're looking for.

• High Quality Illumination • No Wi-Fi or App
• Multiple Light Sources • No RGB Lighting
• Inter Connectivity • No 360 Turntable

6. GOTO A2

Lastly, for those with a medium to large collection and a short budget, comes the most economic of all options: the entry-level GOTO A2.

GOTO A2 Shoes Storage Box The GOTO A2 is a luminous shoe display & storage box for those starting a collection of sneakers or collectible toys for example. Despite its simplicity and lack of more advanced features, the GOTO box has a matrix of 24 LED lights that can be turned on and off using voice or sound.

The special adapter with voice activation capabilities can be purchased separately, resulting in great savings since you don't have to spend extra bucks if you don't need the feature.

Each voice adapter can control up to 10 boxes using voice commands or sound. For example, if your rack has more than 10 boxes, you'll need additional voice adapters to activate them all.

They are also fully modular and stackable. Each box comes with gold-plated connectors that power each other, allowing you to create large display walls using a single power source.

The illumination doesn't change color and there are no apps or remote controls included, but the GOTO box can be purchased in white, black or transparent (acrylic) exterior.

An excellent choice for beginners or for those starting medium to large collections, and who are looking for entry-level or budget storage solutions.

• Price Point • No RGB Light
• Voice Control • Plasticky Feel
• Good Lighting • No Wireless Remote

Full Comparison

LG Styler MAYiBOX AlienLight EXPO Pro GOTO A2
Capacity Shoes, Toys, Camera, Handbag Shoes, Toys, Camera, Handbag Toys, Statue, Helmet, Bonsai, Ball Shoes, Toys, Camera, Handbag Shoes, Toys, Camera, Handbag
Size 38 x 32.8 x 39 cm 37 x 27 x 25cm From 24 x 23cm
To 39 x 58cm
38 x 29 x 21cm 38 x 28 x 22cm
Automatic Opening - - - -
Turntable - - - -
LED Illumination
RGB Color - -
Remote Control - - -
Voice Control - - ✔ (Optional)
Mobile App - - -
Wi-Fi - - -
Inter Connection
Color Options - - -

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