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The Wandering Earth 2 Power Bank is the ultimate charger for your dream desk. A true mobile powerhouse, this futuristic multi-purpose charger combines high-performance, portability and cyberpunk aesthetics as seen in the blockbuster movie.

After one year of research and design, now you can have the original movie prop transformed into a real-life high-performance powerbank for your laptop, camera, and any other gear that requires charging on the go.

Available in 40W and 130W versions, the Wandering Earth 2 Powerbank features multiple USB ports of different types, which allows you to fast charge up to 3 devices at once, boosting your productivity with an outstanding total output of 130W and max 100W output for a single port.

It has universal compatibility that allows you to connect over 1,000 types of gadgets rapidly and safely, including universal fast charging protocols that are compatible with laptops (130W version only), portable consoles (including ROC Ally), and even photography lights.

Unlike any other portable charger ever made, its Cinematic Real-time Charging Display isn't only incredible to look at. It also allows you to keep track of power status with real-time charging time prediction and input/output power monitoring, making sure you know exactly when your devices will be fully juiced.

Its enclosure is crafted with V0-grade fire-proof PC case for enhanced charging safety, and it has a built-In USB-C cable and rubbered dust seal to protect the main port from dust & debris.

The airline-safe EV-grade battery cells (130W version) are designed with safety and enhanced durability in mind. They include over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection, over-charge/discharge protection and even electrostatic protection.

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  • 3-Devices Fast Charging At Once
  • Smart Charging Time Prediction
  • Hollywood-Grade Design
  • Cinematic Real-Time Display
  • 130W Max Fast Charging
  • Built-in USB-C Cable


Maker SHARGE/Shargeek
Model SP40A (40W) or SP130A(130W)
Safety Mesaures Fire-Proof Enclosure, Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Temperature Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Over-Charge/Discharge Protection, Electrostatic Protection, Airline-Safe & Approved
Ports 2 USB-C + 1 USB-A
Supported Protocols QC3.0, QC4.0, PD2.0, PD3.0, Apple5V/2.4A, BC1.2, FCP, AFC
Certifications FC, CE, RoHS, UKCA
Version 40W 130W
Battery Capacity 10,400mAh (37.96Wh) 20,000mAh (72Wh)
Output USB-C1: 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓2A, 12V⎓1.67A (20W Max)
USB-C2: 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓2A, 12V⎓1.67A (20W Max)
USB-A: 5V⎓3A,9V⎓2A,12V⎓1.5A (18W Max)
USB-C1+USB-C2: 20W+20W
USB-C1+USB-A: 20W+18W
USB-C1+USB-C2+USB-A: 20W+15W
Total: 40W Max
USB-C1: 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓3A, 15V⎓3A, 20V⎓5A (100W Max)
USB-C2: 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓2.5A, 15V⎓2A, 20V⎓1.5A (30W Max)
USB-A: 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓2.5A (30W Max)
USB-C1+USB-C2: 100W+30W (130W Max)
USB-C1+USB-A: 100W+30W (130W Max)
USB-C2+USB-A: 5V/5A(25W Max)
USB-C1+USB-C2+USB-A: 100W+25W (125W Max)
Total: 130W Max
Input USB-C1: 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓2A, 12V⎓1.67A (20W Max)
USB-C2: 20W Max
USB-C1: 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓3A, 15V⎓3A, 20V⎓3.25A (65W Max)
USB-C2: 30W Max
Weight 370g 600g
Size 278 x 53 x 29mm 312 x 61 x 34mm
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USD 99.00
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