QUICCS x Devil Toys OTOMO TEQ63 ONIMARU X-Frame Motorcycle 1/12 Scale Bulletpunk Universe Limited Figure Set.

The Red Legend returns. OTOMO TEQ63 is back with speedy revenge! Now in 1:12 scale bullet punk universe format.

This deluxe set includes the OTOMO TEQ63 articulated figure ONIMARU X-Frame Motorcycle, SRCH K9 dog robot, katana, automatic gun and spare hands.

Background: Mecha Will Rise (MWR) is the tribe of radical mechanical cyborgs who secretly worship the robotic overlords, H.I.V.E. They are devoted to hunting down the remnants of humanity in exchange for cybernetic upgrades. Obsession with making themselves fully robotic leads them to compete in a vicious cycle of death and evolution. Completely focussed, they will stop at nothing in their hunt for the survivors of the Bulletpunk Saga.

Globally known as QUICCS, Juanito Maiquez is an award-winning artist and toy designer based in the Philippines. Created by QUICCS himself, The Bulletpunk Universe popularized and introduced original design characters such as TEQ63.

Founded in 2014, Devil Toys is a Hong Kong-based creative design studio focused on 1/6 scale collectible figures and high-end designer toys.

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  • Articulated Parts
  • Cool Accessories
  • Original Design
  • Custom-Tailored Clothing


Designer Devil Toys (Hong Kong) x QUICCS (Philippines)
Contents 1x Articulated Figure Toy
1x Motorcycle
1x Dog Robot
1x Katana
1x Automatic Weapon
2x Spare Hands
Material PVC, ABS, Fabrics
Scale 1:12
Authentic Item100% Authentic & New Product
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USD 269.00
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