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Tactical-Style W Helmet with built-in anti fog ventilation system and communication interface with microphone and ear audio. The W Helmet is the ultimate gear for tactical games, airsoft training, movie props or cosplay.

The only consumer-grade tactical (full) helmet available that features built-in audio communication interface and battery-powered ventilation system for additional comfort.

Fully resistant to airsoft (BB) projectiles and certified by a range of entities, the helmet comes with two types of goggle lenses: one dark/black and another fully transparent that can be flipped, removed or replaced. The front frame can also be easily detached, allowing you to use the top of it with different masks or accessories if needed.

The back of the helmet features a button that turns on/off and adjusts the speed of the built-in ventilation system powered by 3 AA batteries that are securely placed on the back compartment. Inside the helmet there are washable extra-thick cushion pads that can be removed if needed.

It also features top velcroed surfaces and expansion rails that allow you to attach accessories such as head-mounted flashlights, cameras, etc.

This item is handcrafted and takes 14 days to ship after orders are received and confirmed.


1. Built-in Communication Interface (mic and earpiece) requires external radio or communication device.
2. This helmet is aimed at adults with good physical condition. It cannot be used by children or teenagers.
3. This product cannot be used as a protective device for motorcycling, cycling or skateboarding.

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  • Fully Airsoft/BB Resistant
  • Built-In Anti Fog System
  • Audio Interface
  • Removable Cushion Pads
  • Attachment Rails & Velcro
  • FC and CE Certified


Contents Helmet, Detachable Microphone, Audio cable, Replacement Lens, Adjustment Hardware Tools, Cleaning Flannel, Cushion Pads
Dimensions Approx: 26 x 32 x 27cm
Suitable Head Circumference 52 to 62cm
Weight Approx 1.9kg
Applications Team Activities, Tactical Games, Airsoft Training, Movie Props, Cosplay
Certifications FC Approved and CE Certified
Material ABS, Nylon, Acrylic PP, Velcro, Rubber,Electronic Parts
Size Single Size with Adjustable Straps
Power 3 AA Batteries

Popular Questions

The helmet is relatively big and slightly heavy. Children or teenagers will not be able to use it.

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Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Tactical Helmet

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