Gadgets/ Cyberpunk VFD Tube Clock

Futuristic Clock with fluorescent vacuum tube powered by exposed circuit board in cyberpunk aesthetics. The ultimate cyberpunk decoration piece for your desktop, this one-of-a-kind clock brings the beauty of VFD tubes to your room.

Popularized in the 80s by high-end audio products from brands like Akai, JVC and Aiwa, VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) tubes and its characteristic blue-white light, are the technology behind the most beautiful displays and interfaces ever made.

Mass manufactured in the 1980s and 1990s, their beautiful light is a result of a special luminescence phenomenon that occurs in glass tubes under vacuum. Due to a shortage of vintage VFD tubes, products featuring displays like this have become more and more rare.

When turned on, the clock shows a "HELLO" animation. When turned off, the display reads "SEE YOU". The circuit board LEDs are embedded into the exposed base. The color and emission pattern of the LEDs can be individually controlled.

The LED lighting effects and VFD tube work perfectly synchronized, creating an unique sci-fi and cyberpunk mood, especially in the dark.

The circuit board is equipped with a touch panel. When the acrylic cover is used, the clock can be operated with the included remote control. Besides protecting the VFD tube, the optional cover also raises the look & feel by creating additional reflections in a futuristic way.

Besides showing the time, the Cyberpunk Tube Clock also displays a simple calendar, device temperature, and LED animations. It comes with a dedicated remote control, USB cable, power supply and instructions manual.


1. This item is handcrafted and takes 14 days to ship after orders are received and confirmed.
2. This item doesn't come with a warranty and cannot be returned or replaced if you damage or break the vacuum tubes or circuit board.
3. Black discoloration on the back of the VFD tube is not a defect and proves that there is still a vacuum inside the tube.
4. VFD tubes are very fragile and sensitive to touch, humidity/water and static. During use, please be careful not to touch the tubes or the base. Handle with care, especially in homes with children.
5. The price of this product is subject to change due to increases in the price of the older VFD tubes used.
6. No Returns, Cancellations or Refunds after orders are shipped.

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  • Time, Calendar and Effects
  • Vintage Vacuum Tube
  • Acrylic Cover
  • Silver or Golden Board
  • Cyberpunk Aesthetics
  • Remote Control


Maker/Studio The Art of Electronics
Contents Clock Body, Acrylic Cover, Remote Control, USB cable, Power Supply, Manual
Color Options Silver Circuit Board or Golden Circuit Board
Display 8-Digits VFD IV-18 Tube
Functions Time, Calendar, Unit Temperature, Lighting Animation
Unit Size 162mm x 40mm x 43mm
Acrylic Box Size 180mm x 80mm x 60mm
Weight Approx. 134g (0.30lb)
Power USB 5V 2A

Popular Questions

This item features a VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display), which also is a vacuum tube that can emit a variety of light tones instead of a typical/fixed orangish Nixie color. VFD is a more modern and efficient technology that allowed the manufacturing of brighter, sharper, and more detailed displays.

Originally invented by Philips, VFD stand for Vacuum Fluorescent Display, which is a type of low-voltage vacuum tube display technology widely used through the 80s in hi-end consumer-electronics products by Japanese brands like AKAI, JVC and AIWA.

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