Headwear/ Cyberpunk Mask /V5

Cyberpunk Mask /V5 (Codename “TIGER”) featuring neon EL luminous light strips powered by battery.

Besides the pair of EL luminous strips, the Cyberpunk Mask /V5 also features multiple reflective stickers that complete the mask's futuristic look.

The front shield is attached to the frame via four aluminium alloy magnetic fidlock-type v-buckles.

Three removable cushion pads are attached by velcro inside the mask, offering extra comfort and allowing you to remove them for cleaning or washing if needed.

The V5 looks even better in a Light Display Case to beautifully showcase your wearable art and protect it from dust and curious fingers. LED Display Case for Cyberpunk Mask Individually handcrafted, the Cyberpunk Mask /V5 is a unique wearable art that you can use to upgrade your cyberpunk fashion or as part of your cosplay outfit. The Cyberpunk Mask /V5 fits most head sizes and can be adjusted with the elastic straps that go around the head.

This item is handcrafted and takes 14 days to ship after orders are received and confirmed.


1. This is a handcrafted item. Minor imperfections and differences can occur in the artisanal fabrication.
2. This item doesn't come with a warranty and cannot be returned or replaced if you damage or break it due to use or wear and tear.
3. We do not offer any kind of return, cancellation or refund once orders are confirmed, and no returns/no refunds after orders are shipped.
4. This product is not a safety or protective gear and should not be used as such.

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  • Neon (EL) Luminous
  • Fully Handcrafted
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Magnetic Buckles
  • Fully Breathable
  • Battery Power


Maker TOKYO-ROBOTICS MaskWorks™ (Official/Authentic)
Lights Pair of (EL) Luminous Strips
Color Options Orange or Yellow
Light Modes On, Slow Flash, Quick Flash, Off
Material TPU, PC, ABS, Acrylic, Velcro, Rubber, Aluminium Alloy
Size 55 to 65cm Circumference, Single Size with Adjustable Straps
Power 2 AA Batteries

Popular Questions

The neon EL strips are powered by 2 AA batteries that can be replaced whenever needed.

Looking through the mask is like wearing dark sunglasses. Vision is reduced in daylight, and may be very limited at night or in dark settings.

If your prescription glasses aren't too big, it's perfectly fine to wear the mask with them, although you may experience fogging.

The color of the neon (EL) luminous strips is fixed and cannot be changed.

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USD 139.00
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Cyberpunk Mask
Cyberpunk Mask
Cyberpunk Mask
Cyberpunk Mask with EL luminous strips
Cyberpunk Mask with EL luminous LED strips
Cyberpunk Mask
Cyberpunk LED Mask
Cyberpunk Mask
Cyberpunk Mask with EL luminous strips
Cyberpunk Mask
Cyberpunk Mask with EL luminous strips
Cyberpunk LED Mask
Cyberpunk Mask
Cyberpunk Mask with EL luminous strips
Cyberpunk Mask

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