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Military Style Tactical Backpack with wrinkle-free and scratch-proof premium material. It comes with 1 velcro flag tag as a gift.

In addition to its multiple multi-layered compartments that can be accessed with two-way zippers, the backpack also offers a safe compartment that can store a laptop or tablet of up to 8 inches.

The velcroed surface allows you to attach and customize your backpack with patches or extra accessories that can be attached with velcro.

It features sturdy zippers and utility-style drawstrings, front and side loading compression system, padded back area in ventilated honeycomb mesh, making it breathable and comfortable while on the move.

The top handle is reinforced with extra-strength double stitching, providing a firm grip and safe handling of your backpack even when it's fully loaded.

Made with wrinkle-free And scratch-proof premium fabrics, this backpack is the perfect companion during hiking, camping or when used as a stylish and useful urban accessory.
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  • Multiple Compartments
  • 45 Liters Capacity
  • 1 Flag Tag (GIFT)
  • Velcro Tags Friendly
  • Scratch-Proof
  • Two-way Zippers


Material Wrinkle-Free & Abrasion-Resistant Premium Fabrics, EVA, Polyester, Velcro
Water Proofing Water-Resistant (Rain, Snow, Moist, Mist, Droplets, Splashes). Not to be submerged into water
Size Width: 30cm x Height: 40cm x Side: 30cm
Weight 1.4kg
Capacity 45 Liters

Popular Questions

The backpack is water resistant, wrinkle-free and scratch-proof. You can safely use it on rainy days or under any kind of weather condition including snow and wet/humid environments, but you cannot submerge or use it inside water.

Yes, the velcroed surface is designed for customization. The velcro flag tag that comes with the backpack can be removed, and/or placed in different positions as you wish.

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