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Techwear style braces for your wrist and arms. Besides offering support to your wrists, it doubles as a forearm ammo shell holder (8 rounds) for tactical games such as airsoft.

Made of durable synthetic fabric, these wrist braces combine comfort, style and protection for your arms and hands. Available in a single size, they fit most arm sizes. It has three elastic velcro straps with hooks and loops that go around your arms, which give you adjustable fit.

NOTE: Black armsleeves (shown in some photos) not included

What is Techwear?

Popularised by labels like Acronym, Off White and North Face, Techwear is an abbreviated stylised term for "technical wear"

With its aesthetics strongly inspired by technology, futuristic, cyberpunk and hacker culture, the principles of Techwear draw on influences from three types of extremely functional clothing: Street Wear, Tactical Uniforms and Outdoor Apparel.

Techwear clothes are generally baggy, strappy, with large pockets, and waterproofed. Another key aspect of Techwear is the clear functionality over style, which goes back to its origins in tactical uniforms and accessories.
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  • Techwear Style
  • Velcro Loops
  • 8 Shell Holders
  • Waterproof Nylon


Material Waterproof Nylon, Polyester, Velcro
Sizes Single Size (Adjustable)
Size Length: 20cm x Width: 5cm

Popular Questions

This product comes in one size. Use the elastic velcro loops to adjust the fit around your wrists or arrms.

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Techwear Arm Braces
Techwear Arm Braces
Techwear Arm Braces
Techwear Arm Braces
Techwear Arm Braces
Techwear Arm Braces
Techwear Arm Braces
Techwear Arm Braces
Techwear Arm Braces
Techwear Arm Braces
Techwear Arm Braces
Techwear Arm Braces

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