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LED lightsaber with motion sensors, customisable light modes and sound themes.

With design concept inspired by Star Wars' Darksaber, this high-tech katana has built-in motion & impact sensors that change the blade color and play sounds of your choice.

It comes with a SD card slot that allows you to upload new sound effects or change the ones that come from the factory. The built-in battery can be recharged via USB, offering hours of fun.

The blade has different modes: Blaster, Ghost and Standard mode, which can be combined with a variety of light, motion and sound effects that are triggered based on the built-in motion and impact sensors.
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  • Customisable Sounds
  • Light Color Modes
  • Built-in Motion Sensor
  • Light Effects
  • SD Card Slot
  • Rechargeable


Contents Hilt, Removable Blade, Charging Cable, Tools, Manual
Light Effects Pulse, Fire blade, Steady, Unstable and Rainbow blade
Other Effects Force, Lockup, Stab, Melt, Drag, Blaster Blocks, Flash on Clash, Sensitive Smooth Swing
Dimensions Hilt: 32.5cm Long / Blade: 92cm Long x 3mm Thick
Certifications CE, RoHS
Material Aluminium Alloy, Metal, Polycarbonate Blade
Weight Approx. 1kg
Battery 3.7-4.2V Lithium Battery
Power 5V 1-2A

Popular Questions

This LED Katana is indeed inspired by the lightsaber in Star Wars, but the product is totally different: It has RGB LEDs with changeable themes and colors, which provide a much brighter luminosity if compared to other blades. It also has customizable sound effects that you change and update via internal SD card, and the hilt is also different.

All katanas and sword props are unsharpened and do not cut. They're solely made for photo shooting, cosplaying and hobby purposes.

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Cyberpunk Lightsaber
Thermal Katana
Cyberpunk Thermal Katana
Cyberpunk Katana
Cyberpunk Thermal Katana
Thermal Katana
Thermal Lightsaber
Thermal Katana
Cyberpunk Thermal Katana
Cyberpunk Katana
Thermal Katana
Cyberpunk Katana
Cyberpunk Light Katana
Cyberpunk LightSaber
Cyberpunk Thermal Katana
Cyberpunk Thermal Katana
Thermal Saber
Cyberpunk Katana

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