Katanas/ Ghostrunner Katana

Ghostrunner-inspired 1:1 real life replica of the Katana featured in the game, fully handcrafted prop with led light blade powered by rechargeable battery.

Available in several models seen in the game: Steam, Finish Line, Void Dragon TsuruGR, TsuruGR Nini-chan and Slayer-074.

1. Steam comes in a blue and purple color theme, cut-through hollow body details, and purple LED blade.

2. Finish Line comes in a beatuful yellow/black/orange color theme with a bright yellow LED blade and racing stripes across the body.

3. TsuruGR Nini-Chan comes in a kawaii red and white color theme with a light pink LED blade and cute details featuring the Nini squirrel.

4. Void Dragon TsuruGR comes in a black body with a deep blue LED blade in two versions: A) Static or B) Animated LED Blade with Remote Control.

5. Slayer-074 comes in a black, white and red color combination, cut-through hollow body details, and red LED blade.

The battery can be recharged via USB Type-C, which takes approx 20 minutes to fully charge, enabling up to 3 hours of use.

This beautiful work of art is the ultimate accessory for your cyberpunk fashion, and it's also a pretty cool decoration item for your room.

This item is handmade (made to order) and takes 20 days to ship after orders are received and confirmed.


1. This is a handcrafted (new) item. Minor imperfections can occur in the artisanal fabrication.
2. This is a fragile item and it doesn't come with a warranty. Do not drop, hit or duel with it. It cannot be returned or replaced if you break it.
3. We do not offer any kind of return, cancellation or refund once orders are confirmed, and no returns/no refunds after orders are shipped.
4. Stand and Case are not included

Ghostrunner® is a registered trademark of One More Level, Slipgate Ironworks, 505 Games, All in! Games and 3D Realms© 2021. All rights reserved. All other copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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  • Ghostrunner-inspired
  • LED Light Blade
  • As Seen in the Game
  • Cyberpunk Aesthetics
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 2024 Collection


Models • Steam (Blue and Purple)
• Finish Line (Yellow and Black)
• TsuruGR Nini-Chan (Red and White)
• Void Dragon TsuruGR (Black and Blue)
• Void Dragon TsuruGR (Animated) with Remote Control
• Slayer-074 (Black, White and Red)
Material ABS, Laser Cut/3D Printed Parts, Electronic Parts
Dimensions 110cm (Long)
Weight Approx 600g
Battery Internal Lithium Battery (Rechargeable)
Power USB Type-C (5V 1-2A)

Popular Questions

No, this item does not come with (or in) a case. It ships in a standard carboard package.

This item is made for cosplaying/hobby/photo shooting purposes only. It will break if you drop, hit or duel with it.

All katanas and sword props are unsharpened and do not cut. They're solely made for photo shooting, cosplaying and hobby purposes.

Items like this can't be shipped using standard post, so that's how much FedEx/UPS/DHL charge to transport a long protective box with insurance that can cover damages if it gets damaged during shipping. Shipping is provided by FedEx/UPS/DHL, and we do not define or control their fees. Shipping fees will be even higher if this item is combined with other product(s) that will require an even bigger parcel instead of a tube.

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