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Showcase your favourite sneaker or toy in utmost futuristic fashion. The 360° Levitating Display uses electromagnetic technology to create zero-gravity levitation that suspends shoes, toys or other slim objects in mid-air. Silently.

It features color lighting that can be adjusted and controlled using the wireless remote, allowing you to create amazing effects or match the color of the object being displayed.

This display can hold objects up to 13.78” (35cm) tall and weighing between 200 to 650 grams. If an object is too light, you may need to slightly increase its weight so it can float properly.

If the magnet cannot be placed inside the object, like toys for example, you can use strong double-sided tape or adhesive velcro to attach the magnet on top of the object.

You can stack them, creating a wall of levitating objects that silently rotate forever. It's a great gift and must have for shoe collectors, stores, shows, advertising or just as a cool piece for your home decoration.

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1. If you purchase two of these, never place the magnet weights close to each other. It will not only cause finger injury, but it will also be impossible to separate them afterwards.
2. If an object is too light, you may need to increase its weight accordingly for it to float properly.

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  • Color LED Light
  • Remote Control
  • 360° Perpetual Rotation
  • Easy to Set Up


Capacity Sneaker, Shoe, Toy, Figure Toy, Bottle, etc.
Min and Max Loading Weight 200 to 600g
Max Loading Size 13.78 inch (35cm) or 13 US shoe
Illumination Color LED Light
Control Wireless Remote Control
Material Acrylic/Plexiglass, Plastic
Product Dimensions 46cm × 26cm x 9cm
Power Type A Plug 100/220V (USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan)

1. Put the Magnet inside of the top of the shoe (If it's a toy, hide or attach the magnet to the head or on top of it).

2. Hold the magnet on the top inside of the shoe and position the shoe about 10-15mm below the frame to find the optimal floating distance.

3. When the shoe is in proper floating position, you will feel a strong force holding the shoe in place. You can now release it gently.

As long as the object is within the size and weight range, yes. If the magnet cannot be placed inside the object (like toys for example) you can use a strong double-sided tape or adhesive velcro to attach the magnet on top of the object.

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