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NFC Smart Ring wearable with customizable actions and support for iOS, Android and Windows. Made of stainless steel, the NFC Smart Ring is an electronic wearable that connects to your mobile devices through near field communication (NFC), allowing you to replace access cards, create automation shortcuts, and even store small data.

You can use the NFC Smart Ring for a myriad of applications such as unlocking your phone or doors, sharing digital business cards (and other data), launching mobile apps, triggering home automation shortcuts, and even as a replacement for contactless cards, access control cards, etc.

Basically, the NFC Smart Ring can do anything that a traditional NFC card does, but in a wearable and smaller form factor.

It can be configured with any mobile device, computer or tablet that has a NFC sensor, including iPhone XS/XR (iOS13) and above, Android and Windows.

To check whether your smartphone or tablet has NFC compatibility, go to your system settings. If your device is NFC ready, simply turn on the NFC feature and download apps like NFC Tools Pro so you can manage and customize what your ring does.

Fully waterproof, it does not require any power source or charging. The built-in NFC chip holds power and stores data for years.

A perfect gift for geeks and tech enthusiasts, this ring is available in diameters sizes to perfectly fit your finger. See the size chart below to find the correct size for you.

This item is made-to-order and takes 14 days to ship after orders are received and confirmed.


1. We do not provide any kind of technical support for this product. Only purchase it if you're tech savvy.
2. For manual finger size measurement, tolerance is 1-3 cm. See size chart for more details.
3. No returns/no refunds after orders are shipped. We do not offer any kind of return or refund once orders are shipped.
4. This item doesn't come with a warranty and it cannot be returned or replaced if you damage or break it.
5. This product works with NFC-compatible mobile devices. Make sure your device has NFC before purchasing.
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  • Use as Access Card
  • Replaces Some Cards
  • Customizeable
  • Home Automation
  • Stainless Steel
  • Waterproof


NFC Chip Model NXP Semiconductors NTAG213 (Storage Compatible) ISO 14443-3A
Technology Type A
Material Stainless Steel, Electronic Components
Color Only Blue or Black available
Sizes See Size Chart
Waterproof Yes / IP68
Weight 4g
Induction Distance 1-3cm
NFC Frequency Band: 13.56MHZ
Transmission Rate 106 Kb/s
Storage Space 144 Bytes
Data Format NFC Forum Type 2

Size Chart

Size (US)678910111213
Diameter (mm) 16.517.418.21919.920.721.522.3
Perimeter (mm) 52555759.862.46567.570
Tips: Measure your finger in warm temperatures at the end of the day. Use a very thin thread to measure at least 3 times to obtain more precise results.

Popular Questions

Unfortunately we cannot offer support or guidance on how to set up and use electronic products or apps. You must have NFC knowledge and understand how NFC apps work. The manufacturer recommends apps like NFC Tools Pro but you may search for other apps you like more.

The NFC Smart Ring works with any NFC reader built in vending machines, access points, computers, tablets and smartphones including Android, iPhone XS/XR (iOS13) and above.

The ring's NFC antenna (black dot) must be pointed at the same direction and aligned to/facing the NFC reader on the back of your mobile phone or where the NFC sensor is located.

NFC technology is highly directional. The form factor of NFC cards enables large antennas in flat areas, whereas a NFC ring comes with a much smaller antenna in a round shape, requiring you to position and align it much more carefully than you would with a flat and large card.

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NFC Smart Ring
NFC Smart Ring
NFC Ring
NFC Ring
NFC Ring
NFC Smart Ring
NFC Ring
NFC Smart Ring
NFC Smart Ring
NFC Smart Ring
NFC Smart Ring
NFC Smart Ring
NFC Smart Ring
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NFC Smart Ring
NFC Smart Ring
NFC Smart Ring
NFC Smart Ring
NFC Smart Ring

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